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Beutel Goodman Charitable Foundation was registered as a charity in Canada in 2017 as part of our 50th anniversary celebrations to further our commitment to support organizations that help improve the lives of people in our communities.

Our Mission

The Beutel Goodman Charitable Foundation is committed to having a positive impact on people’s lives. We believe that everyone should have access to the resources they need to help them realize their full potential.

Our Charitable Foundation was established to support organizations working to create positive change in our communities. By working together with charities that support youth and the many people who struggle with mental health each year, we believe Beutel Goodman can help make a difference.

Applying for Funding

Registered charities across Canada involved in providing programs to promote youth achievement and mental wellness are eligible to receive donations from the Beutel Goodman Charitable Foundation. The Foundation focuses primarily on small- and medium-sized charities, especially those involved in grassroots efforts in these areas. Charitable organizations that are Beutel Goodman clients are not eligible for Foundation funding. Volunteers from Beutel Goodman are responsible for reviewing and recommending potential donation recipients.

We invite organizations who would like to apply for charitable donations through the Beutel Goodman Charitable Foundation to contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Organisations We Support

In 2023, we supported the following organisations:

CCACChoices Youth ShelterCICCFFriends of High Park ZooGiant StepsHope HavenIndspireJennifer AshleyTrack3Precious MindsLumenus

The war in Ukraine that started in February 2022 has forced unimaginable hardship onto millions of innocent people, and is having a devastating impact on children and youth. To help those affected by this war, we've donated to the following organisations to provide emergency relief and medical care in the region:

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