Institutional-Style Management

One Degree of Separation Service.

We believe in equipping our advisors with insights to help them build their business so we provide a service that involves only 'one degree of separation' between advisors and our portfolio managers. Advisors will have access to their expertise to keep informed on the latest trends in the industry and the performance of our portfolios.

We deliver institutional style management for individual investors through our separately managed accounts and mutual funds, distributed by leading financial institutions. We focus on quality to outperform passive styles of investing while effectively managing risk.


We work with advisors to:

  • Facilitate a deep understanding of our investment philosophy and process.
  • Identify the appropriate product solutions for their clients.
  • Support the development of their investment practice.

Our commitment:

  • Provide timely and comprehensive monthly updates that detail portfolio performance, transactions, investment outlook and strategy.
  • Respond quickly to advisors' needs.
  • Offer the services of bilingual sales support representatives.
  • Provide comprehensive strategy comparisons through Morningstar Direct®.

We help advisors grow their business by sharing our best ideas in relation to key industry events, investment trends, product evolution and practice management.

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