Individual Investors

Ways to Invest

Individual investors can access our institutional-quality investment strategies in a number of ways. Our 17 mutual funds  are available for purchase through your Investment Advisor and/or Discount Broker, with a minimum initial investment of $5,000 per fund. We also offer provide institutional-quality investment services to high net worth individuals and families through our Private Client Group.

To invest through a discount broker or investment advisor, please contact your financial institution or investment advisor directly.

Working with an Investment Advisor

We offer Class F funds through Investment Advisors who work on a fee-for-service or discretionary basis. In addition to the Management Expense Ratio, Investment Advisors charge a fee for their services. Our Class F funds are a no load option.

We also offer Class B and Class D funds through Investment Advisors and Financial Planners who work for full service investment dealers. Our Class B and Class D funds have an embedded trailer commission to compensate the Advisor for providing ongoing investment advice or service. The trailer commission for Class B is 1% for equity and balanced funds and 0.50% for fixed income funds. The trailer commission for Class D is 0.25% for equity and balanced funds and 0.10% for fixed income funds. Our Class B and Class D funds have an initial sales charge option, which is negotiated between the investor and the Advisor at the time of purchase.

Investing with a Discount Broker

We offer Class F funds through Discount Brokerage platforms. Class F funds do not pay trailing commissions to the discount broker. It is also possible that some discount brokers may apply additional fees and/or service charges.

Working with Beutel Goodman’s Private Client Group

Our Private Client Group manages the wealth of a diverse group of clients, including high net worth families, Indigenous communities, charitable foundations and endowments. With relationships starting from just under $1 million in size, we have significant experience in assisting a wide range of clients with their investment and broader wealth management needs.

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