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What is the difference between mutual funds, segregated funds, and segregated accounts?

A mutual fund is a vehicle managed by a registered portfolio manager that both individual and institutional investors can use to invest in marketable securities. The assets of all investors are pooled, and each investor is issued units (in the case of mutual fund trusts) or shares (in the case of corporate class funds) that represent their proportional ownership stake in the fund. As new investors add their own assets to the fund, they are issued new units or shares. While mutual funds in Canada are regulated by the Canadian securities regulatory authorities, the investment itself is not guaranteed.

Retail investors can access Beutel Goodman mutual funds through their advisor or direct-investing platform. We also offer Class I versions of the funds to Institutional and Private Clients.

A segregated fund is a type of investment vehicle offered by Canadian insurance companies. Unlike mutual funds, some portion of the client’s investment will typically be guaranteed, and there can be other features, such as death benefits that act as a form of life insurance. The name is derived from the fact that the client’s assets are segregated from the assets of the insurance provider.

Beutel Goodman serves as a subadvisor to a number of segregated funds. Please contact your advisor for more information on these vehicles.

A segregated account is an individual portfolio of securities designed for our institutional and private clients as an alternative to our mutual funds. A potential benefit of using a segregated account is the level of customization we can provide with respect to your risk tolerance, tax situation, personal investment preferences (such as the exclusion of certain sectors), and financial objectives.

Beutel Goodman offers segregated accounts to eligible investors through our Institutional Client Service team and Private Client Group.

What does “discretionary manager” mean?

Discretionary management is a form of investment management in which the portfolio manager will make investment decisions on a client’s behalf. This frees clients from the responsibility of making day-to-day investment decisions.

Beutel Goodman provides discretionary management for Institutional and Private Clients.

Are assets with Beutel Goodman insured?

All client assets are securely held at a custodian. RBC Investor Services Trust is the custodian for the Beutel Goodman Managed Funds. Segregated account clients will hire a qualified custodian of their own choosing, which is usually a chartered bank, trust company or IIROC (Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada) member. These highly regulated custodians help to protect your assets from certain risks of loss, but do not guarantee the value of your investment.

Unlike bank accounts or GICs, mutual fund units, private client accounts and segregated accounts are not covered by the Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation or any other government deposit insurer. The full amount of your investment is not guaranteed, and past performance may not be repeated.

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