About Beutel Goodman

How can I invest with Beutel Goodman?

In addition to our broad institutional client base, we also offer three ways for individual investors to access Beutel Goodman’s investment strategies:

Investing with an Advisor:

We deliver institutional style management for individual investors through our separately managed accounts and mutual funds, distributed by leading financial institutions. If you are interested in investing in any Beutel Goodman mutual fund or strategy, please have your advisor reach out to us and we can answer any questions you may have.

Individual Investing through Your Dealer:

Beutel Goodman mutual funds are available through most major financial institutions and their associated direct-investment platforms. Please contact your dealer for details.

Investing with our Private Client Group:

Build a direct relationship with Beutel Goodman with no intermediary. Our Private Client Group portfolio managers provide discretionary wealth management for high-net-worth clients. Your portfolio manager will work with you to understand your financial needs and goals and to build a customized investment portfolio that you can feel confident in. Minimum investments through our Private Client Group generally start around $1,000,000.

What is Beutel Goodman’s investment philosophy?

Beutel Goodman’s value investment approach was adopted by the founding members of the firm, and we have remained true to our style. The preservation of capital is a central tenet of our investment philosophy, which espouses that risk is absolute and the avoidance of a permanent loss of capital is paramount. We aim to achieve outstanding long-term performance with lower volatility through the consistent application of our philosophy and disciplined investment process.


As bottom-up value investors, we invest in the equity of companies when they are trading at discounts to our estimation of their business value. We work from a foundation that stocks purchased at a discount to business value (which we define as the present value of sustainable free case flow) provide a margin of safety. We believe this, combined with a focus on quality companies with stable, growing businesses and strong balance sheets, should help mitigate the potential of capital loss.

Fixed Income

From a fixed income perspective, we aim to capture pricing inefficiencies by using quantitative models and historical analysis to determine if a bond is priced inefficiently relative to other bonds of the same issue across the curve or compared to other bonds of similar quality. Our risk-constrained approach tends to perform better as markets adjust to rational expectations and perform worse (than the benchmark) during periods of irrational expectations in the markets.

Who owns Beutel Goodman?

We are an independent investment manager. Our employees own 51%, and Affiliated Managers Group (AMG), a publicly traded U.S.-based asset management holding company, indirectly owns the remaining 49% minority interest. We operate independently from AMG.

Over time, Beutel Goodman clients have benefitted from long-standing employees who, as stakeholders in the firm, are committed to our shared success.

Who do I contact for information on investing with Beutel Goodman?

Our client service teams offer exceptional service, ensure accessibility and facilitate ongoing communication with our clients.

  • Institutional Clients. Our Institutional Client Service team is dedicated to building outstanding relationships with our institutional clients, including defined benefit and defined contribution pension plans, corporations, foundations, third-party distributors and government entities.

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  • Advisors. Our Managed Assets team is dedicated to building outstanding relationships with advisors.

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  • Private Clients. Our Private Client team is dedicated to the financial success of a diverse group of clients, including high net worth individuals and families, Indigenous communities, charitable foundations and endowments.

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  • Indigenous Communities. Our Indigenous Communities team is responsible for servicing the needs of Beutel Goodman’s Indigenous clients.

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Does Beutel Goodman consider ESG factors in the investment process?

ESG factors have the potential to materially affect the long-term sustainability of a business and are thus are an important part of our analytical process and Responsible Investing approach. In addition, we work with our clients across all lines of business to ensure we are delivering investment solutions that meet their personal standards.

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