Client portal terms of use

Beutel Goodman's client portal provides electronic viewing and delivery of your monthly/quarterly reports and other information about your account(s), including the reports that we are required to send you under securities legislation. You will be notified by email when new documents are available for your viewing. It is important to note that the client portal is only for viewing reporting and information, not for any transactions or instructions. Please continue to contact your Beutel Goodman team as you would now if you have any account questions, updates, or requests.

Each time you log into the portal you agree to be bound by and comply with the Terms and Conditions of the portal and consent to the electronic delivery of documents. This consent to the electronic delivery of documents applies to all of your accounts at Beutel Goodman.

Beutel Goodman is committed to maintaining the security and privacy of all client information, including in the Client Portal. While no system can guarantee complete protection of data, the portal was built from the ground up with security in mind and employs leading technology providers, security practices and techniques to make it highly safe and secure. All data in the portal is encrypted, and no operation in the application is ever performed on an unencrypted channel.

You also play an important role in helping keep your information secure. You should never share your username or password. You are responsible for any unauthorised use of your security information and any unauthorised access that may occur as a result. Beutel Goodman specifically disclaims any liability for such unauthorised use or access. Beutel Goodman will rely on the fact that you are the only person using your access details. If you would like anyone else to have access to your online reporting, we require your written direction and will then provide that user with their own unique username and initial password. You and any user you consent to are responsible at all times for keeping email contact information up to date for electronic reporting.

Each monthly/quarterly report electronically delivered is deemed to be delivered on the day that it is posted on the portal, and not on the day that you actually view it. If you are having trouble with the portal or prefer to receive your account reporting another way, please contact us. If, for any reason, we determine that we need to deliver documents to you another way to meet regulatory requirements, you acknowledge that we may do that and that any such delivery does not revoke your consent to receive documents electronically.

Any questions should be directed to your primary contact at Beutel Goodman. If you have any issues logging in, have a question or need technical support, please contact us at [email protected].



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