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13 July 2021

The Value of Predictability

There is real value in the reliability and predictability of our actions. The market may be unpredictable, but our process will stay the same.


23 June 2021

Ask Us Anything (About Bonds)

David Gregoris, Derek Brown and Sue McNamara, the senior leaders of Beutel Goodman’s fixed income team, answer questions from a live audience.


15 June 2021

Hello Inflation, my old friend – I’ve come to talk about you again

Out of all the economic variables, none is more infamous and misunderstood than the inflation rate. In this update, we examine the recent rise in consumer prices.


31 May 2021

How ESG is Evolving in Fixed Income: Fireside Chat with Sue McNamara

Sue McNamara and Linda Watts discuss how Beutel Goodman's fixed income team approaches responsible investing and ESG in fixed income.


27 May 2021

Beutel Goodman Reduces Management Fees on Four Mutual Funds

Starting July 1, 2021, the annual management fee on four fixed income mutual funds will be reduced by eight basis points (0.08%)


26 May 2021

Integrating ESG: Fireside Chat with Eva Grant

Eva Grant, Vice President of Portfolio Analytics and Responsible Investing, discusses ESG integration and the investment process at Beutel Goodman.


11 May 2021

What Colour is My Bond?

The bond market plays a unique role in the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) investing world, as entities can issue bonds to fund an ESG-related project or goal. The World Bank issued the first ever green bond in 2008 and Électricité de France S.A. issued the first green corporate bond in 2013. Since then, the market for sustainable investment has grown...


6 May 2021

3 Key Questions on Fixed Income Answered: The Inflation “Problem”

Jeff Young recently asked Derek Brown about the fixed-income team’s views on navigating capital markets today, including the potential threat of inflation.


Ryan Laird

Ryan joined Beutel Goodman in 2021 and has more than a decade of experience in credit research. He is responsible for analyzing potential investments in the Telecommunications, Media and Technology industries. Prior to joining Beutel Goodman, Ryan worked as a credit analyst at Equitable Life of Canada and CIBC. Ryan is a CFA Charterholder and earned a Master of Business...